Why Dental Implants are easier than ever!

Having a great smile is something we all covet, but something that can ruin it right away is a huge, gaping hole. Many adults are missing about five or so teeth, and not only does it hurt aesthetics, but also can actually create a lot of oral health risks. There is exposure of the bone to consider, and there is a higher chance of decay, stuck food which infects the area, and it can even weaken the teeth around. It can even change your facial shape and bite, and it can make you feel even worse. Fortunately, there are many dentists in Eagle Rock that can help you with this, and so can implants.

Tooth loss isn’t permanent anymore, and they’re a reliable and safe way to replace the teeth with both titanium and ceramic alternatives. Dental implants are supported by your jaw so that they’re functional like real teeth. The root is made from titanium, and it’s capable of osseointegration, which will allow the implant to grow into your jaw naturally like a tooth would at the root. The crown is a durable ceramic, and it can actually be matched to your teeth so nobody can tell the difference. That’s right, it does look like your real teeth.

The similarity of it will allow you to fit it into your lifestyle as well. They don’t require any special care beyond hygiene, and you don’t have to change your habits or diet. If you take care of them, they can last a lifetime. It’s pretty great, and they’re super easy and precise to get into as well.

They are also pretty simple to put in. The exact measures taken are as follows: first, you’ll get a consultation on what you need in terms of the implant, and any goals that you might so have, especially if there are TMJ issues that might come about because of this. Then, you’ll get a scan of your mouth, and it’ll give you a precise model of your mouth. This is something that is pretty amazing because, it’ll allow the dentist to perform a sort of “mock surgery” to test these plans and make sure that it’s performed correctly based on your needs. By the time the dentist does it, there are actually a few surgeries that have transpired, and they’ll give you the optimal care for every situation out there.

Essentially what this means is that the dentist will know immediately just what you need and how to care for you in this situation. Once that’s done, the surgical guide will be printed designed for you in mind. It’ll give you a quick surgery without incisions. That’s pretty amazing that they don’t have to cut you open, and in as little as fifteen minutes you could have this all done. Not even the Starbucks drive-thru line can be that fast, and it definitely is better for you than coffee.

Now, there are some other little things that you might need to get as well, especially if there is jaw reconstruction that must be done. If they do need to take a graft of your jaw, then they will, and this could potentially take more time. However, the best part about this is that they’re a tried and true means to help people for decades, and with a very low failure rate. The digital dental implants have made it even easier for many people too, and it will allow the person to feel more comfortable in the situation, and give you the implants that you need.

If you’re considering dental implants, then you should definitely talk to your Eagle Rock dentist for more information. It’s important that you do consider all of the variations of these, and even find out from your dentist whether or not they’re right for you. They could be perfect and they could work for everyone, it just is based on the state of your mouth, how much you need, and what the dentist wants to do in order to help restore your mouth. They’re a great way to restore your smile, but also to help with various health issues as well for you.