Why Dental Implants are easier than ever!

Having a great smile is something we all covet, but something that can ruin it right away is a huge, gaping hole. Many adults are missing about five or so teeth, and not only does it hurt aesthetics, but also can actually create a lot of oral health risks. There is exposure of the bone to consider, and there is a higher chance of decay, stuck food which infects the area, and it can even weaken the teeth around. It can even change your facial shape and bite, and it can make you feel even worse. Fortunately, there are many dentists in Eagle Rock that can help you with this, and so can implants.
Tooth loss isn’t permanent anymore, and they’re a reliable and safe way to replace the teeth with both titanium and ceramic alternatives. Dental implants are supported by your jaw so that they’re functional like real teeth. The root is made from titanium, and it’s capable of osseointegration, which will allow the implant to grow into your jaw naturally like a tooth would at the root. The crown …